Justin Bieber & His wife Hailey Bullied with “Selena”

Justin Bieber & His wife Hailey Bullied with “Selena”

We are living in the world where our past has a vital interference in our present life. People don’t forget the past and wherever you go; they try to ‘bully’ and harass you with it. Same happened with Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Baldwin when they were on the red carpet of 2021 Met Gala at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

A video went viral on social media in which so-called fans of Bieber were chanting “Selena” in front of his own wife Hailey Bieber. How a mob of few fans can become a big cause of embarrassment in front of one’s spouse? We can only see, but Bieber suffered this menace.

It is worth to mention that Justin Bieber, despite being famous singer & dancer, is also an active anti-bullying activist. He shared his concerns and ideas about bullying and cyber-bullying in year 2010 in the Ellen’s Show. He has been working against bullying because, in fact, he knows the side effects of ‘being bullied’. 

To tell the background of the incident, Justin Bieber has been in a relationship with Selena Gomez, a female singer and they have been dating in and out for few years. They decided to separate in year 2018 and after few months, Bieber and Hailey got married in September 2018. 

On the other side, the 24 years old wife of Justin Bieber revealed in a show on internet about the reasons for why she was ‘compelled’ to delete her twitter account. She mentioned how she was the target of ‘this kind of new sort of attention’ (cyber-bullying) ever since she married with the world famous singer, Justin Bieber. She told that the experience of the cyber bullying was so painful and severe that she had to delete her twitter account. 

“I don’t even have a Twitter anymore because there was never really a time where I would go on there and it didn’t feel like it was a very toxic environment, and The thought of even opening the app gives me such bad anxiety that I feel like I’m gonna throw up”, she added while explaining the reasons of account deletion.

she also commented about the bullying at Met Gala 2021, “I think when you’re going through a situation where you just have so many people hounding you with the same thing over and over and over again, it starts to mess with your mind and then you start to question everything and you’re like: ‘Is there something that I’m not seeing that they see?’”

Such type of cyber bullying is in fact immoral and inhumane. Famous personalities are a special target for bullying. People should know that any type of bullying is very traumatic. They should have awareness that celebrities have their personal lives too. They have emotions and feelings. By nature celebrities and artists are particularly very sensitive. Any type of harassing behavior and bullying may hurt them to death and leave them apart.

Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/justin-bieber-hailey-selena-met-gala-b1920725.html

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