Child Abuse, Bullying, and Warning Signs

Child Abuse, Bullying, and Warning Signs

Children are the most sensitive and the most significant members of any society. They are the people where our future lies. On one end, they demand kid-glove attention for their suitable upbringing, on the other end; they can be open up for any unwanted bullying. Many new forms of child abuse and bullying have come forward in the 21st century. This bullying has moved from physical and sexual to the spiritual and to psychological. The dark side of the picture lies in the fact that many cases of child abuse and bullying go unreported and/or even are denied. 

One thing to keep in mind is that any type of bullying and child abuse leaves permanent marks on the victim’s memory and can become more volatile. No nation wants a psychologically disturb and mentally incapacitated next generation. So each member of the society, particularly, parents have to keep their eyes open and watch out minutely for any minor change in the behavior of their offspring.

Before we further mull over the possible warning signs which tell us about a child abuse threat, let me tell you what bullying is? Garrett, in 2003 aptly describes that Bullying can also be as direct as teasing, hitting, or threatening, or as indirect as exclusions, rumors, or manipulations. This means that bullying has a manifold structure and has become very sophisticated in the modern era. It is a million times worth saying that cyberbullying has also emerged to put oil over the burning fire. In the age of digital progression, a child using a cell phone or personal computer is far more in danger of cyberbullying. The Bullies can send them menacing text messages or they opt to create blogs or web pages to dishonor the family or personal dignity of a victim. In this case, one must be vigilant enough to look out for any prevalent sign caused by possible abuse and bullying, both in and out of the home.  

Very recently, an interview with Dr. Daniel Hoover, a clinical child, and adolescent psychologist, is broadcasted on Fox Baltimore News. While speaking to the anchor, Dr. Hoover significantly brought forward the warning signs about the child being abused and bullied. According to him, some signs are that the child becomes more and more reluctant to school and looks sad and depressed. According to him, a child becomes more and more avoidant and not wanting to go to practice or school obviously. “Well, many kids do get really traumatized and it can affect school work and studies are coming out that suggest suicidal thoughts that happen in children who are really bullied.” He answered while asked about the possible long-term impact of child bullying if nothing is done for a solution. He suggests working with bullies to get them positive members of society. According to him, those who are bullies, show up aggression at home and school. 

We must exert exceptional efforts to make our world a bully-free place. A victim must have timely assistance. Older family members should play a vital role in this regard. Parents and neighbors must step in because, otherwise, this issue won’t resolve. Above all, constantly seeking knowledge about this malady and spreading awareness are the first steps to be taken.